Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ten Years and Counting: 2001

I figure I have 10 weeks before the baby arrives to tell the story of the Williams Project in last ten years.  Garett and I started dating in 1997, but for the past 10 years, we have experienced some pretty major life moments together.  In each of the following posts, I'll gather a few photos from each year.  Have fun learning a little about us and enjoy.

Ten years ago, Garett and I realized that our relationship was for real.  I was in Europe on 9/11, and Garett was living in Washington, DC.  We spoke to each other moments after the towers fell and by December, I was ready to head home days early to see my love as soon as possible.

Europe was a school trip - best spent money ever.  From September to December, I traveled with other architecture students from MSU (including my very good friend, Kerry Bennett!) from Denmark to Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.  England, France, Germany and Switzerland.  Italy, Spain (my favorite) and ending in Portugal.
Garett moved to DC to serve an internship for Senator Max Baucus (MT) while also working at Walter Reed and applying for Med school.  December 2001 was my first trip to DC.  Who knew I would be moving there just 6 months later!



  1. Wow- I never knew that you'd been to so many countries! You're a world traveler :)
    You two are such a great couple. I love and adore both of you! Mostly you, of course.

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