Monday, April 25, 2011

2007 - The Williams Family Ski Chalet

Grand Opening of the Williams Family Ski Chalet: Winter 2007!

  First Nick and Nate Fletcher visited...

and we've had ski visitors every year since!  We love hosting and we love Alta!

This was how I got to work for the first year living in SLC - I quite liked it actually... 
until Garett bought his first car...

This car wasn't so great for Utah winters... just ask my nephew, Taylor.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

2006 - Virginia to Utah via the OBX

Graduation from Med School and the MCV gang headed straight to the OBX
where we rented a house across from the beach from Brooke's aunt -

plenty big enough for all of us plus some. 
Lots of swimming, partaking and late night BBQ'ing

But then Garett and I had to head back to the RIC to load up the moving van
and get on our way to SLC

doesn't make all of your belongings look like much.  But that's all of it!
We carpooled with Raul and Kami's dad three days to Utah

we knew we'd made the right match when we reached the mountains of our new home!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

2005 con't - Honeymooning in Moorea

Moorea, Tahiti: can't wait to go back for Honeymoon #2...

we watched every sunset

we went scootering around the island
we climbed some mountains
we watched the whales
we swam with sharks
we celebrated

Friday, April 1, 2011

2005 - I married him because his last name is Williams

I suppose there are other reasons I married Garett.  But Williams is much easier to spell than Beiswanger.

The wedding at the Gateway was everything we imagined.  We had a beautiful week in Bozeman and aside from Northwest airlines going on strike that week and messing with some of our guests' travel, the whole weekend was perfect.  I had my best friends by my side: Brandy, Jen, Melannie and Megan plus Kirk, Nick, Nate and Stu.  Garett and I have the greatest friends.


hmmm.  meat on a stick.