Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Baby Bump and the Nursery

The baby is moving quite a bit now and a certain life-long friend of mine wants to see a photo of my baby bump. And so the blogging begins:

baby bump
27 weeks

Although the nursery only has a chair so far (I had a rocker added to the bottom of one of our leather chairs), the colors in the nursery turned out exactly the way I imagined it. A BIG thank you to Garett for spending several weekends painting to perfection. We also had a closet added to the nursery, which used to be our office.


  1. Love it! The colors are fantastic. And I love the rug. Splendid. You look so beautiful!! I miss you!

  2. Your lifelong friend is a happy girl! You look beautiful....and the room is so pretty! Love you!

  3. So cute! Can't wait to see the nursery with a baby in it:)! Much love from the east coast! xoxo Love, The Dalesios

  4. The nursery looks great!! this baby will be here before you know it!