Saturday, March 12, 2011

2002 - Montana to Virginia via Hawaii

In 2002, I graduated from Montana State University.  Garett flew out to be at graduation and spend Mothers Day brunch with my family at the Gallatin Gateway Inn.

 After graduation, I went to Kauai with the Williams family, thanks to the Pilalas annual trip to the Johnson House.  It is an absolutely beautiful location and I plan to go back again someday!

After returning from the trip, I drove with Sean Goodrick in a U-Haul across the country to land in Washington, DC.  I spent the summer there looking for jobs before finally moving down to Richmond to start with a national Architectural firm, HKS.  Garett started Med School at the Medical College of Virginia and we enjoyed being close enough to DC to visit Garett's sister, Michaeleen.

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  1. Fun to read about your past. :)

    I love Kauai. On of my most favorite places in the world.