Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer fun - 2011

 What a wonderful summer we've had!
Family visited in August: 
Cousins Kate, Emma, and Gabe, and honorary cousin Jordan

Cousin Sophia holding the new baby

Aunt Janet with Lauren
Uncle Stuart napping with Lauren
In Bozeman over Labor Day we visited lots of friends:   
Adela Straub, born one week after Lauren

Lauren and Adela having a chat

out to dinner with Doreen Kenfield and both little girls

Plus this summer we've been growing and learning new tricks:
in her bumbo, watching the US Open
loving with Lammie

Rolling over from her belly to her back

prepping for crawling

just looking cute today in a hand-me-down from Sophia

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  1. I still can't get over how dang adorable she is. I just want to smother her in kisses.